At Marine Trade we envision a better way to buy, sell, bid and on trade marine related equipment. You can trade your items in exchange for other items for sale. This allows for free exchange marketplace in your pocket, download today.

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Marine Trades Story?

Yacht crew in 2016 were looking to sell and trade their used items in an easy way. No matter the port or location. Marine Trade was borne and has grown slowly over the years with several revisions and updates. Marine Trade has now connected with both local and global promotions in marine and yachting related media which is helping grow the community and bring more people to your listings.

What is Marine Trade?

Marine Trade connects buyers and sellers in the local community, with millions of listings for sale you can find just about everything. Marine Trade is the #1 in Marine marketplaces for privately listed boats so finding your dream ride is easy.

Marine Trades Mission?

We connect passionate marine people. Sellers, buyers, traders, and suppliers in the marine industry. Connecting everyone wherever, where ever they are in the world on marine trader.

How many ad listings can I post?

Marine Trade does not have any limits on how many Ad listings users post. However, businesses or people considered to be posting at a commercial capacity will be promoted to a business plan, which will greatly improve their efficiency for managing large numbers of ad listings.

Marine Trade does not allow duplicate ad listings. These restrictions are to prevent users from “spamming” the site with duplications. All ads must be unique and substantially different from each other. Please do not post the same ad over and over again across different categories or locations. Doing so will automatically suspend your account. You should only post the ad where you are physically located.

How long do ad listings stay live for?

Ad Listings duration is a minimum of 21 days or until sold for all categories with your engagement under the following guidelines. After posting your ad listing, you will have 14 days to engage with your account and confirm your listing status.

Within the first 14 days, if you have not engaged with your account, you will receive notifications via email to confirm your ad listings status. After this period, Marine Trade will assume and mark your listing as sold. You will receive further notifications a the end 7 days in which Marine Trade will remove your listing and archive it in your account. At any time during this period, you can log back in and update your listing status.

Does Marine Trade charge any commission's?

Marine Trade DOES NOT take commissions from your sales, you negotiate on your terms and keep all the money. Marine Trade does support several selling strategies to help improve your ad listings exposure for a minimal cost, which is how we offset the continued updates and server costs. Our commitment to release Version 3 has just been launched, and we are continuing to building momentum around the world.

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